This About On Books and Writing website is building support for writing friends and expanding a writing community with Events and Groups.

On Books

Finding a good book is a never-ending quest. On books and writing supports local writers with featured authors, reviews, and invites to recommend a good book.

On Writing

There is much that can inspire our love for writing. As writers, we can: create worlds, bring our characters to life, experience the joy of words, reveal and curate ideas, plot our dreams, take up a vorpal sword against the things we hate, and have our sheer egoism satisfied.

As J. K. Rawlings’s wonderful character Snape said about potions, creative writing can:

“teach you to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death.”

On books and Writing publishes submitted work from members. including short stories, guest blogs and articles on writing into an ON Writing Anthology. It also links to blogs books and other resources

Featured writers

Kenneth R Vickery

The Host of this website is Kenneth R Vickery. Creating outlandish characters and putting them in bizarre situations, is what he loves to do when he writes.

Andrew Harvey
Andrew J Harvey

Andrew writes alternative history novels for Adults and young adults. He has c-written books on publishing with Kenneth R Vickery. He is the founder and principal of Hague Publishing, an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Jean Foster

Jean Foster writes historical fiction writing has great beauty and poignancy. Her stories will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

The Bassendean Writers Group

On writing Anthology

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