These stories will intrigue anyone who loves short fiction with a twist.

Flash Fiction (<500 words)

  • The Casino
    One of her ancestors might have done this for Marco Polo.
  • The Gynaecologist’s Suit
    The length of his robe didn’t protect the bottom of his beautiful suit.
  • The Twin’s Party
    ‘I’m sure if they are having a party, they’d invite you, darling, you’re their best friend.’
  • Honeymoon
    Jane’s paint strokes were getting shorter and more aggressive.

Short Stories

  • Mr Nobody
    The woodland was far more open, with very little undergrowth, and whilst Jemma had enthused at the opportunity it afforded to see the beauty of these pale barked eucalypts, Tracey had muttered, ‘Just looks sparse and scrubby to me.’
  • Serendipity
    Behind his eyelids, he could still see them, and a hot wave of embarrassment flooded over him. His parents, standing on the platform of Perth Station, wreathed in smoke and steam, waving him goodbye as he set off for Adelaide to start his 4th year of Medical studies.
  • Doing them like a Donald
    Donald scuttled into Alice’s office, with the anger and angles of a giant praying mantis.
  • The Three Pelicans
    When it was time for them to go and make their own way in the world.
  • Guns and Grandmas
    These buildings wouldn’t have changed much since horses, camels, and gold-diggers strolled down the street
  • I only wanted her for her body
    That’s very much my wife’s cat. She calls him Lpki.’
  • Flying with Galahs
    Sophie moves to the far side of the tent. ‘Girl, you’re being as pious as “George Pell”. No one will know. and I don’t want to be spotted from the road.

License Notes

These short stoties may not be sold but can be given away to other people. You must give appropriate credit, such as including this page, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the author endorses you, or your use.

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