You are invited t join me in these events and groups

  • Bayswater Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group
    Join the SpeculativefictionWriting Group. No writing experience required, but just a sense of wonder.
  • On Books Group
    Reviews and recommendations for people who want books and writing to open doors to different and bizarre situations, outlandish characters, and challenging ideas.
  • The Bassendean Writers Group
    Our meetings provide active, friendly, peer to peer support. As well as improving your writing, you will increase your writing community and your understanding of what will grab readers about you and your writing.
  • Write Tuesday Event
    There will be a place for you at Write Tuesday if you need a break from life’s expectations. They are held every Tuesday at nine-thirty in the morning. This is where you can find a quiet supportive space to inspire your writing habits. You can join us in Person at 2a Nanhob Street Bayswater or video chat on messenger – ken.vickery1.

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Current and previous events

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