Other writers

Andrew J HarveyAndrew J Harvey is the founder and principal of Hague Publishing, an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy (see following). In addition to writing and/or editing a number of public reports for Parliament, Andrew has been a Principal for the Davies Literary Agency; editor and publisher of The Western Australian Year Book for a number of years; and editor and writer for Afterlife – the on-line magazine for Atmosphere users. Andrew’s first adult SF novel, Nightfall (Book 1 in the Clemhorn trilogy), was published by Zmok Books in February 2019. The first three books in The Portal Adventures (a series of young adult/middle grade SF) will be released by Peasantry Press in the first half of 2020, with Trouble on Teral to be released on 7 January.
Hague PublishingAHague PHague Publishing was established in 2011 as an independent Australian publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Registered in Western Australia, it publishes original work by Australian and New Zealand authors. 2019 saw the release of our 14th book by our 7th author.


Sally Odgers aka Affa the EditorSallyis lovely and does manuscript assessments, as well as edits quickly and inexpensively. Unfortunately, she doesn’t proof-read. Let me know if you’ve found a good proof-reader.