Anyone who is looking for short fiction with a twist may enjoy these stories. I have included PDF, Epub, and MP3 versions.

It is preferable t use a laptop or a tablet on the PDF files as the screens of most eReaders are too small for the PDF format.

EPUB files are recommended for small screens such as a smartphone or an eBook readers. They provide a better reading experience on a tablet or computer than PDF. This freely available e-book standard supports more hardware e-book readers than any other file format. For eReaders that are not compatible with EPUB, such as Kindle, see here.

The MP3 files are audio and can be loaded onto your MP3 player through your media player.

I ’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think of these stories.

Flash Fiction (<500 words)


Painting mess
Jane’s paint strokes were getting shorter and more aggressive.

The Gynaecologist’s Suit

The length of his robe didn’t protect the bottom of his beautiful suit.

The Twin’s party

I’m sure if they are having a party, they would invite you darling

The Casino

Lady pouring boiling water into pot
One of her ancestors might have done this for Marco Polo.

Short Stories

It Never Happened

Big black car
‘That’s very much my wife’s cat. She calls him Circos.’

The cat story wasn’t too bad either” – Julie

Guns and Grandmas

The Hotel
These buildings wouldn’t have changed much since horses, camels, and gold-diggers strolled down the street.


A shag talking to two pelicans
When it was time for them to go and make their own way in the world.

Lovely story, Ken. Many thanks! ” -Carmel

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