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How to publish an eBook

Like this caterpillar, this eBook can expand your presence

Andrew J Harvey i and I have published an eBook. “How to publish an eBook“. 

This eBook aims to give writers confidence when venturing into the enormous massless playground that is the internet. It will provide them with new opportunities to publish and promote writing, curate ideas, and find ways to lead changes for the better. Feeling confident with these technologies should enable a writer to discover ways to publish and promote their writing in ways that suit both their life goals and their current undertakings. It provides the supporting materials for participants of the “How to publish an eBook” Workshop, which was facilitated by the Bassendean Writer’s group in October. 2019.

To get the eBook click here for Smashwords or here for Goodreads.


A book grabing at a hand
Getting my books to grab a reader

I am writing blogs on writing and in particuklar how to develop a book marketing plan. This will become part of a manual for a workshop on publishing eBooks, which I will be facilitating later in the year.

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