Kenneth R Vickery loves to create outlandish characters, put them in bizarre situations, and find the beauty in them. It is part of his joy of storytelling. It often lets him embrace social issues from a new and humorous perspective. His books don’t have much gritty realism. They reflect what we could be, rather than what we are. If he can open doors and get people to come together on a shared journey, he will consider his writing has obtained the pinnacle of success.

He doesn’t like to stick to a literary genre. His characters have driven stories that are thrillers, sea changes, ghost stories, and science fiction. He thinks the most important thing is to start. These stories contrast, love, loyalty, and kindness, with greed, anger, and hatred. He hopes that this will expose the lazy bigotry that can mar our society. He has written two books of fiction, Bolas Buys and Poppy. He has written two books of fiction, Bolas Buys and Poppy. Currently, he is writing a Sci-fi book and a non-fiction book on marketing for writers, which is a topic of his blogs,

Kenneth sings in the Indie Mix Mix Pop Choir, a local choir, which has put on some great performances. All this helps him to build up his community presence, which he feels should be the point of all creative pursuits.

Kenneth retired from the mental health field to concentrate on his writing in 2017. He has been working on his writing for over twenty years and recommends writing groups and book clubs. He also reads many books, now using audio-books due to his failing eyesight.

Kenneth lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife. They have two adult sons (See photo gallery). His son Jackson is a freelance percussionist and educator

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Kenneth R Vickery

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