I am getting my book on marketing out there. I have enrolled “Marketing for writers” in a presale. This allows my followers and friends to get a free copy and read the book before it goes on sale to the public.

This means I have started actively marketing the Book. This marketing is built on the foundation of my passive marketing and my brand. I know my promise to my readers, and I have been building a following for my brand. The elements of passive marketing should grab readers (see the table below). I have developed my ideas on my book’s takeaways and how to express this as the book’s hook or edge in the blurbs below. This is the basis from which I can launch my book promotions.

Marketing Concepts

Boy at the entrance to many doors
Books have many doors

Marketing aims to attract people to us or our writing, but it only sets up the initial encounter with people who want what we write. Whether readers love a book or not, is much more dependent on the experience of reading it and how much they think about it afterwards. Readers will start with a book’s marketing and progress to its writing. As writers, if we start our book with marketing, we miss our chance to reveal and curate ideas in our writing and limit ourselves to presenting propaganda. We should leap from increasing our understanding of our writing to how we should market it. To do it the other way around would be like a cook trying to get poaching to sound like a sizzling steak because they like that sound better.

To market effectively we should understand the elements of our writing that correspond to marketing concepts so that we can leap between them. I have done this for this marketing book and set out the summarized results in the table below.

Elements of writing (revealing like when having coffee with friends)Marketing concepts (Presenting like a resume)
Promise to your readers: Curate new and challenging ideas.Brand: Open doors to contrast creativity, love, loyalty, and kindness, with fear, greed, anger, and hatred.
Takeaway: There is a lot out there ready to disillusion us. There is no need for us to do it ourselves. Hook: Becoming a popular author in three steps.
 Edge: Make marketing accessible to writers.
Voice: Friendly and encouraging for a fellow writer.Experience of reading your book: Dread for marketing disappears, as our confidence and marketing skills improve.
Reading community: Writers.People who are wanting to read what you’re writing: New writers.
Presence: My writing friends.Following: My mail out lists and followers of my website.
Theme: We are writers. We can do it.What’s special about your book: Makes marketing accessible to writers.
Join the dots: Writing terms have analogous marketing ones.Patterns: Writing is revealing, marketing presents.

Passive Marketing

Using the table above, I have written the following descriptions of this book on marketing.

One sentence logline

This should contain the hook

Three steps for leaping from being a writer to being a popular author.

Short Blurb

This should include: the hook, the edge. what is special and the theme

Good writing is as unaffected and engaging as talking about work with our friends. Good marketing requires us to present like a resume. It is a leap, but it doesn’t have to be a big one for writers, to start using the internet to market their book.

Long Blurb

This should include:the edge, how will the reader feel.

Marketing is new and frightening for first-time authors. In the time before Google, getting a publisher could be the beginning and end of our plan to publish and market our books, but now self-publishing is practical and self-marketing is essential. To become popular authors, we’ll have to venture into the enormous massless playground that is the internet. The new marketing opportunities on the internet come with risks because unlike human publishers, the internet does not love writing. This means we should not self-market without valuing and protecting our creativity in ways similar to suggestions revealed in this book. This book shows how new writers can confidently leap from writing skills to marketing ones and become a popular author.