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Cover of Poppy

I wrote Poppy because I wanted to look into lazy bigotry and other things that cause foul things like racism, sexism and the war on drugs. Writing helps me understand.

I thought my story and characters in Poppy were outlandish, but after I read Johann Hari’s wonderful book,” Chasing the Scream I discovered that his truths were much stranger than my fiction. Both our books, however, blame fear and hatred, for causing the lazy bigotry that fuels the devastation that drugs inflict.

Bolas Buys

Cocer of Bolas Buys
Bolas buys

I have experienced how demoralising psychopaths and other arseholes can be. I couldn’t fathom how they could be so successful, as described in “Do Psychopaths Run the World?” I wrote from a psychopath’s perspective to get into their minds and explored business barracudas, for which the state I live in, is well known. It was hard to write from the perspective of someone I loathed, but I hope I made it funny enough for it to be an enjoyable read.

What I found to protect myself from arseholes, I call cheeky irreverence. Arseholes hate to be mocked, but you need to mock them with happiness, interest, and consideration. Being angry at an arsehole is as foolish as punching a tar baby.

This is my second book, although I started writing this many years before I thought about writing Poppy. I wrote about it because I could not find things to read that helped me deal with psychopaths. When I started to write a story on this theme, I realised why. A psychopath will Knock the stuffing out of you one small piece at a time and they rarely lash out. In fact, it is often their victims that act-out. Having the will to live incrementally removed from a victim does not make an appealing story. It is also hard to explain how someone, still being hostile twelve months after an event, is bullying, when being angry, a week after the event could be because they were hurt.

The psychopath that inspired my writing, had eight managers resign in six months and she was only the director of five. I too finally quit and moved on to try to repair my shattered psyche. Writing this book helped.

How to publish an eBook

Andrew J Harvey and I wrote “How to publish an eBook“.  This eBook aims to give writers confidence when venturing into the enormous massless playground that is the internet. It will provide them with new opportunities to publish and promote writing, curate ideas, and find ways to lead changes for the better.

Feeling confident with these technologies should enable a writer to discover ways to publish and promote their writing in ways that suit both their life goals and their current undertakings. It was written to provide a training manual for participants of the “How to publish an eBook” Workshop, which was facilitated by the Bassendean Writer’s group in October. 2019.

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