The tale blazers end of year lunch

I have had many good times at the former Coode Street Cafe and was interested to see what it was like after three months of renovations. I suggested the Bowie Kitchen as a venue for Tale Blazers, a writing group. As usual, the writing group’s conversation was animated and interesting, but I would have to say, it was despite the venue.

The service at the Bowie Kitchen was excellent, but the renovation had removed the cottage feel about the place, which I liked. The new shiny surfaces made the still uneven floor less forgivable. The coffee was still good, but the food was ordinary, with limited choices and one of the tale Blazers didn’t like her meal and said she would never come back.

I don’t mind franchised coffee shops. They have their place, but we already have enough dull and uninteresting places to have coffee. There are many Bowie kitchens across the world and this one feels franchised. I was disappointed that Bowie Kitchen lacks the character of the former Coode Street Cafe. I hope it is early days,