Boy at the entrance to many doors
Books have many doors

To grab readers, my books open doors to different and bizarre situations, outlandish characters, and challenging ideas. This conviction is expressed as “books have many doors”, which is only one way to think about writing, but it works for me to stop my creative processes from being infected with lazy bigotry. My goal for writing is to find ways into understanding, instead of into the sort of lazy bigotry that makes people think the earth is flat, global warming is a myth, and protecting a country’s borders from refugees improves our security.

I don’t stick to a literary genre. My characters have driven stories that are thrillers, sea changes, ghost stories, and science fiction. I admit I’m a bit of a tart. These stories contrast, love, loyalty, and kindness, with greed, anger, and hatred. My goal to open doors is what drives me to write books.

Building a presence in my reading community

Knneth's book covers
Poppy and Bolas Buys

As a new writer, I’m seeking a readership of people that could also embrace this “many doors” conviction. My two published books, Bolas Buys and Poppy. have embraced this conviction. Currently, I am writing a Sci-fi book about a Caucasian woman, who was born in the Chinese territories of northern Australia. It is set seventy years in the future when China’s biggest threat is from race-specific viruses. To prevent the use of these viruses, she’s prevailed upon to become a spy and infiltrate what is for her a strange western culture.

The Bassendean Writers’ Group. which I’m a member of, will soon be accepting submissions for a short story anthology that I am compiling and will publish in early 2020. The short stories will be assessed on how well they fit into the of many doors’ conviction.

I am writing blogs on how to develop a book marketing plan. This will become part of a manual for a workshop on publishing eBooks, which I will be facilitating later in the year.

Creative goals

A book grabing at a hand
Getting my books to grab a reader

Whether readers will love a book or not, is much more dependent on the experience of reading it and how much they think about it afterward. A cogent argument for this is offered in Why Do Readers Love Some Novels? Results of a Survey.

For my books to grab readers, I will need creative goals, a muse and an ability to write from my true self. To help achieve this I share my work with people who also love story. I wish to thank the Tale Blazers, and in particular, Jean Foster, who has been my writing buddy for most of my literary journey. Thank you also to Andrew J Harvey and the Bassendean Writers’ Group.

I have engaged a professional editor. This editor provides the services I need to reach my potential as a writer, without losing my voice or passion for writing. A good editor should always add to a writer’s creative process. For a new writer, like me, I’d recommend Sally Odgers aka Affa the Editor. She is lovely and does manuscript assessments and can edit quickly and inexpensively.

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